1. avatar outcomethepunx
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  2. avatar noble-man
    Man - video is mighty !!

    Mr McCarey spent alot of time on that!!!
  3. avatar Declan
    respect due..you can see the work that went into that...good stuff...
  4. avatar outcomethepunx
    Thanks alot guys. Brendans a genius at this stuff!
  5. avatar POSITIVExYOUTH
    When you explained it to me I thought it would be completely different from this. But this is actually better than what I thought.
  6. avatar thepostboxtheory
    The video is class guys! Well done.
  7. avatar outcomethepunx
    Hey guys thanks for all the feedback, Brendan put a shit load of work into this i think he did 1,318 drawings for it...which is madness!
  8. avatar outcomethepunx
  9. avatar outcomethepunx
    i definately think Brendans' work deserves more attention. Pretty dissapointed it didn't make it into nicharts video run down!