1. avatar Mardy-Bum
    Hey, heard today that General Fiasco have signed up to a record label?

    Anyone heard anything?
  2. avatar adamb1026
    Would assume so looking at comments on their myspace.

    They have a publishing deal, think they had record labels looking around early on, but nothing worked out. Must of found a suitable label.

    Congrats to them, decent blokes.
  3. avatar Joeplaysthedrums
    Yes, they signed to Infectious records today. Well done GF!
  4. avatar fastfude
    Good work there.

    It'd be informative to many other artists to hear what that actually means in terms of their day-to-day and future plans. What does 'getting signed' actually get you in this day and age?
  5. avatar silvercord
    [quote:3b905493b6]What does 'getting signed' actually get you in this day and age? [/quote:3b905493b6]

    A congradulatative forum is probably the most of it.
  6. avatar BinaryOperator
    Getting signed is different in most cases than the "good old days" but the golden deals are still out there if you are of the right haircut and capture the "zeitgeist", lol.

    I'm being sarky here but big deals still do happen. I have a relative in a band at the moment who are very trendy, nme covers and coolness awards and all that balls (Late of the Pier, they're "nu rave"). They got a half million quid advance from parlophone. Yep. Big comedy cheque and all that jazz. Still have to pay for a lot of shit out of that half mill but fuck me it's a lot better than I've heard in a while deal wise.

    Good luck to general fiasco. go and fuckin get it lads!
  7. avatar Antisocialiser
    who else is on that label?
  8. avatar thesacredhearts
    half a million quid advance, effectively means that they are in debt to the label for half a million quid. once that money is spent, all the money from all future earnings will go towards paying that advance back before they see any profit themselves. (obviously depending on the contract)

    Its not really that good a deal tbh.
  9. avatar my-angel-rocks
    The Temper Trap
  10. avatar JTM
    [quote:21b3d6f59a="silvercord"][quote:21b3d6f59a]What does 'getting signed' actually get you in this day and age? [/quote:21b3d6f59a]

    A congradulatative forum is probably the most of it.[/quote:21b3d6f59a]

    It depends who you sign to.

    GF have been chased after by quite a few labels so I would imagine with Infectious they have been able to negotiate quite a sweet deal, maybe not the full wedding cake but at least a rhubarb crumble.

    Nice one, well deserved.
  11. avatar ThisCharmingMan
    Well done to the boys

    They deserve it!
  12. avatar Rocky
  13. avatar Rocky
    But yes,
    Congratulations to General Fiasco!

    They've been out there touring like crazy and working really hard.
  14. avatar BinaryOperator
    should have been clearer here NON RECOUP-ABLE ADVANCE. there. that's better :o)

    They're getting great support from the label, and are recording their second album now. They're making money from merch and gigs etc and that stays theirs (no 360 thing). I think they were signed off the back of the whole klaxons nu rave wave thing.

    More to the point they are having an absolute fucking ball :o) One of their dads was in a band in the 90s too (my dog has no nose - yes that was their name, lol), and he has been steering them well as regards fiscal matters (esp as regards costing from the advance for recording, videos, promo - what is shared etc quite complicated so I hear).

    Anyhoo back on topic - Always like to hear of a band from here getting any exposure. Fingers crossed for GF. Wahey the lads etc etc.
  15. avatar Steven Dedalus

    Fair play to them!

    Now hurry up and get me more songs!
  16. avatar glitxysadie
    bands who were/are signed to Infectious records...Ash,my vitriol(bloody loved them)the subways,the now defuct Symposium
  17. avatar Cake
    Congrats. Great wee band, love 'em to bits.
  18. avatar dupadisc.ie
    great stuff and it was a long time coming
  19. avatar the*optimist
    Congraulations! Hope they got a tonne of money and are now rolling around in it. lovely fellers.
  20. avatar thecunnyfunt
    I say put them on a nice tidy allowance or leaky will go buck daft and spend all the money without giving me that tenner he owes me.

    Congrats prats! Well deserved
  21. avatar Crackity_jones
    Well done GF!
  22. avatar MULLAN Extraordinaire
    Yous are all banging on about a half mill advance. Who the hell said they got that?