1. avatar icefreezer
    Here is the design i created from messing around with fireworks using a frender jaguar and a fender telecaster as a basis i'd like to see what people think wheter it is good or bad cause in the end its a bit of fun :lol: but if i had the money id make a shot at trying to build it :lol:
    heres a copule of pics, the pictures are a bit rough but its just a draft..

    the guitar itself:




  2. avatar my-angel-rocks
    would it not be impossible to play due to your hand/wrist hitting the volume/pickup selector? Back to the drawing board methinks.
  3. avatar DontPetABurningDog
    Not being hateful, but it's hard to escape the impression you've posted the pictures flipped by mistake. Surely the cutaway should be slightly deeper on the treble side, rather than being more awkward than the bass? The controls are in a completely silly place for on the fly adjustment (violining, tone-pot wahs etc.). The bridge plate is a little too flush to the body edge-if the guitar is in a stand, it'll be knocked completely out of whack. And, seeing as I'm being a wanker anyway, that's a Jazzmaster, not a Jaguar.

    Sorry. You did ask.
  4. avatar chrisjedijane
    Why would you want to change the Jazzmaster body shape anyway? It's virtually perfect as it is...
  5. avatar DavidHill
    Its a start!

    Y dont you make 1 and keep impoving it...then sell it urself?

    Y should fender take the money and glory?
  6. avatar DontPetABurningDog
    On that front, Chris, I do agree. Wouldn't the balance be utterly fucked by the bottom "horn" being approximately the size of Belgium?