1. avatar Daniels
    My first post!
    Saw this and thought Id get it out there

    For more info go to - [snip]
    Anddd - http://www.redbullbedroomjam.com
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  2. avatar anty2
    If I won this id just sit and wank a dog off for 15 minutes. not that I do it often but I think 80,000 people could appreciate it
  3. avatar Dimbo_Sama
    My first post!
    fuck, I'd pay camping to see that.
  4. avatar anty2
    dont worry animal lovers I would use pritt stick as lube and some thin rubber globes

    I really shouldnt go any further with this disgusting topic but I dont think anyone is interested in playing a bedroom show in between pendulum and marilyn manson.
  5. avatar Daniels
  6. avatar fastfude
    [quote:57e2788b7d="Daniels"]Saw this and thought Id get it out there[/quote:57e2788b7d]

    So, not "I work for them and am paid to get it out there?", because your posts read awfully like press releases and your links aim at dubious private trackers.

    Cynically pretending to just be an unrelated third party is a certifiable path to gunishment. If you can't be honest about the promotion, why should we trust any other aspect of the event to be fair?
  7. avatar anty2
    [quote:59ede42156="Daniels"]Can you imgaine playing on the same stage as Pendulum!?[/quote:59ede42156]

    yes I could also imagine how easy it would be for the crowd to take a major dislike to you and if they do thats around 60-80,000 people booing which doesnt give you band a good rep. Ive been there for a few years and the crowd are mindless zombies, myself included. Unless ACDC is being played in between the sets there isnt a good reaction.

    Best of luck for whatever band goes up for the slaughter though :-D