1. avatar rentaghost
    After our night off last Friday we are raring to go this week!


    We are also thrilled to be welcoming Mr Stephen Rainey back to Common Grounds in his new guise as part of War Hole. You might know him in his previous incarnation as Dedalus. Stephen assures me he has been practising for this one, so it should be good. I believe him.

    "Born out of frustration, War Hole came to conquer. Which they did. Recording on the most primitive equipment available, they craft unique power pop nuggets from another dimension. Unquestionably, they are the best. "


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    I suspect this Friday is going to be a lot of fun...
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  2. avatar Sir Bob Gelding
    I'm hoping War Hole will be playing All Hail The Dark Lord
  3. avatar Steven Dedalus
    [quote:acd692be1e="Sir Bob Gelding"]I'm hoping War Hole will be playing All Hail The Dark Lord[/quote:acd692be1e]

    They did do a rendition of it last night, I believe.
  4. avatar rentaghost
    Unfortunately Stephen Duffin has had to pull out of this gig at short notice.
    We are still going ahead with [b:48c28aed65]War Hole[/b:48c28aed65]!