1. avatar garrexial
    Supremo Deathstar is a new band from Belfarce.

    We have recently just finished a recording at Start Together studios at the Oh Yeah building with Ben McAuley.

    We are very happy with it and wish to extend our thanks to Ben and the studio.

    Give it a listen if you get a spare mo. Thank you very much.

  2. avatar JTM
    Impressive. Somewhere between LaFaro, MojoFury and Ablespacer. Have you been gigging at all?
  3. avatar garrexial
    Thank you for the kind words JTM.

    We have not played any gigs together as this outfit but that is our next evil publicity stunt.

    We are also open to offers of gigs and possibly spare change.
  4. avatar Joeplaysthedrums
    Cool - sounds good Garry.
  5. avatar Ku Klux Knievel
    Play gigs so I can come touch your hems and bless my future children with the sweat thereon.
    Mr Orr approves.
  6. avatar garrexial
    Thank you Joe, and Mr Orr.
  7. avatar garrexial
    Joe and JTM should technically have private messages.

    This intermywab freaks me out.