1. avatar The Limelight
    Doors 8p.m

    Woodpigeon solo acoustic 8:30p.m

    Pocket Promise 9:15p.m

    WOODPIGEON 10:15p.m
  2. avatar clivemcl
    I hope this isn't going to be another underappreciated great gig. Get down to this everyone! Can't wait!
  3. avatar PocketPromise
    [b:e2deb1c1b6] WoodPIgeon:[/b:e2deb1c1b6] , A.K.A. the delightful [i:e2deb1c1b6]Woodpigeon Divided By Antelope Equals Squirrel[/i:e2deb1c1b6] , are excellent! Can't wait to play at this..

    all the below quotes on latest album are spot on...

    "**** It's bloody marvelous." -SUNDAY TIMES

    "**** An inspiring meditation on exile and return." -THE GUARDIAN

    "**** Seductive." -MOJO

    "**** Melodic and affecting." -Q

    don't miss this..
  4. avatar PocketPromise
    in case anyone was wondering, we didn't play at this last night.

    Last minute balls up with gear, time running out etc.

    Just in case anybody thought that pocket promise had shrunk into one guy with a ukelale!