1. avatar thedaytripper
    My first post!
    Looking for smoking paraphernalia?
    :D [b:7a18b14476]

    Check out BANGOR BOOT BUZZ, Queens Parade, Bangor.

    Every Sunday


    Just look for the flag! 8)
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  2. avatar Bileofwood
    Do you sell "Smoke"? That stuff is mint. Loads better than Spice.
  3. avatar Shredragrammaton
    Speaking of which , has anyone noticed the ridiculous levels of gritweed floating about , like everywhere?

    Also this half smokable grass thats been sprayed with some madness , most people dont even know theyre smoking on it , be on the outlook.

  4. avatar The Stav
    Yeah, I think I've had that gritweed shit. I thought it was safe enough, just a bit dry and lacking quality. Seems greedy bastards would do anything for a few extra quid- even if it means rippin yer lungs out with glass!
    I think I'll stick to the nice fluffy buds from now on. Can't go wrong with orange bud kids! Though I don't condone it. Drugs are bad.
  5. avatar thedaytripper
    No legal smokes in stock 'as yet'

    We have smoking sets, lighters, tins etc.
    Waiting for the arrival of some nice glass pipes over the next few weeks.

    Hoping to be supplying a few legal highs throughout the summer.
    Will keep y'all posted though!

    Peace out :-)
  6. avatar Dr Harley
    I just get my legal highs down the local chemist.
  7. avatar BinaryOperator
    There is a huge influx of tainted weed about. When in doubt do not buy. Soapbar has nothing on the damage this shite can do to you. Permanent damage....and of course there is nothing in the media about it, despite the large amount of people using and the large seizures of contaminated green happening all over teh shop.

    If in doubt take a little bit and run along your front teeth with your tongue. If it is gritty (like eating sandwiches at the beach) it is gritted, some will use a filter to try and stop the grit from going in your lungs but that's not effective in all cases. If it leaves your teeth tasting sweet it is sugar sprayed (may also "hiss" a lot when smoked). Those are the easy ones. If it has been sprayed with aluminium oxide (aka sandblasting grit or "etchant") you may not get the gritty mouth, but it will do you serious lung damage (v small particles, think asbestosis!). Look for much darker outer leaves too. If the centre of a bud is wayyy lighter than the darker outer leaves it may be sprayed with sugar or a thin oil based solvent. I've taken product back quite a few times recently and I now test all product as per instructions above. If it passes tests as above fire a teeny bit in a pipe and look for sparking when lit. Sparking indicates contamination from many possible sources, perhaps not deliberate (sprayed with insecticide/fertilizer and not flushed etc) but still a "stay away!" sign - if the ash left is hard, or worse black do not touch!

    the more you know.
  8. avatar tinpot anto
    [b:e7531df7ae][color=brown:e7531df7ae]STAY AWAY FROM THE BROWN ACID[/color:e7531df7ae][/b:e7531df7ae]
  9. avatar thedaytripper
    Yeh, I totally agree about watching out for bad weed.

    It's so hard to know what processes and chemicals have potentially been used on your 'erb!

    You can never be too careful. It is your body after all and we are all free to choose what we put in it.

    Personally I wouldn't touch Mary Jane now, simply because of the fact you can never be to sure what you are getting.

    I think the legal highs are awesome :P So many labs have tested numerous legal highs and have only found the brand 'Spice' to contain the substance JWH-018, which acts like a cannabinoid.

    There are other great legal highs out there.

    Hoping to have a cracking one in by July. Tried and tested, this stuff is ace! ;-) ALL HERBAL!

    But please do watch out for any bad weed reports :evil:
  10. avatar greensleevesisgod
    Just grow it yourself and you won't have to worry.
  11. avatar Sir Bob Gelding
    He who controls the Spice, controls the Universe.
  12. avatar remedy malahide
    I've tried that herbal stuff, "Skunk", and for what it is (legal and delivered in 2 days) its pretty good. Certainly a resonable 'alternative' to the defiled and deformed glorious glorious green.
  13. avatar Dr Harley
    Stay away from the brown acid people!
  14. avatar thedaytripper
    What's this brown acid everyone is avoiding like the plague?
    I'm curious 8)

    Yeh, we should be supplying skunk during the summer. The stuff is pretty dam good :D
  15. avatar isis
    it's on the woodstock DVD. They announce it over the mic,

    "Some people are saying the brown acid is poison...it's not poison it's just manufactured thorozine, and if you feel like experimenting only take a half..."

  16. avatar thedaytripper
    I had that woodstock dvd in my hand the other day in HMV and ended up putting it back on the shelf. Should have bought the dam thing to laugh at the brown acid :-D



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