1. avatar Nero182


    After a relentless touring schedule that found New Bedford, Massachusetts' A Wilhelm Scream in far reaches of the developed world with bands like Rise Against, Strung Out, and Lagwagon, the band that Alternative Press hailed as the new heirs of the skate-punk scene, finally settled down in their second home: Blasting Room studios.

    Career Suicide represents the third trip to the Bill Stevenson / Jason Livermore well, a well neither dry nor stale. Career Suicide is just as smart, just as anthemic as Mute Print and Ruiner , but this time around A Wilhelm Scream speeds up their formula to a neck-breaking pace. And with a new bass-player, Brian Robinson, who keeps up with, and even pushes, the maniacal guitar duo of Reilly-Levesque, Career Suicide thoroughly pummels. Thats saying something about a band thats never pulled punches.


    Not sure if their any fans on here but might as well post the news off the gig![/quote]
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  2. avatar NumberBlack
    Wonder if this will get more of a crowd in Auntie Annies than strike anywhere did. It would be nice if it did.
  3. avatar burnthecanvas
    This will be the best gig ever. Fact.
  4. avatar The Ronster
    I'm sure it will be lovely, but I've always been annoyed that this band used a name for themselves that I wanted to use for ages.

    Then they came along and ruined it!
  5. avatar Nero182
    Anyone have any news when these tickets go on sale?
  6. avatar Revenge Therapy
    if you look at the bands myspace you we see it is Belfast TBC.. so people should stop jumping the fecking gun! the gig is happening around the 10 to 12th.. along with dublin and galway but Auntie Annies is booked for something else so people can just wait until the show is confirmed before posting stuff!
  7. avatar Nero182
    Any more news on this Revenge?
  8. avatar Maggotmoore
    This gig will probably not happen...
  9. avatar Revenge Therapy
    [quote:0c36445b7c="Maggotmoore"]This gig will probably not happen...[/quote:0c36445b7c]

    wrong actually doofus.. full details etc in the next few days! :)
  10. avatar nameunkn0wn
  11. avatar Nero182
    I see this gig has being moved to Spring & Airbrake! Expecting a Big Crowd =/?
  12. avatar MarkAxisOf
    This is my favourite band. I cant fucking wait haha
  13. avatar NumberBlack
    It doesn't matter if there is not a big crowd, this gig will be the cats pyjamas.