1. avatar RMCmusic
    hey my names Ronan McCullagh and im a 18 year guitar looking for musicians who are interested in starting a jazz blues band. something abit different. looking for, bass, drums, keys, vocals, and hopefuly some brass. want to play some funk to

    if you want any more info drop me an email

  2. avatar montanayaz
    pmd you
  3. avatar SafeHands83
    Sent you a pm dude
  4. avatar AP-Belfast
    hey there my name is james im a jazz and swing drummer from belfast, really love playing jazz and always looking to hook up with some guys who love the same things,get in touch with some more info via email if you want cheers. mail@avaproductionsni.com
  5. avatar hybrid_of_steel
    wish i could play in a jazz band...i dont know nearly enough theory to make me feel comfortable playing in one yet.