1. avatar icefreezer
    hey guys, i was just wondering, if i were to have an idea about a new guitar shape for fender (it's pretty obvious they'll turn me down) but just for a shot where would i go to give it in? I'm pretty sure all the fender site talks to people about is complaints or broken guitars has anyone got any suggestions?

  2. avatar Mr.Coneman
    If you mean for mass production...unless you've got some state of the art revolutionary idea in mind, it's not going to happen.

    If you mean for a manufacturer to build you one of what you have in mind, there's loads of them that have a custom shop ready to build whatever you want, just be ready to pay big if you're going to a high end company (Gibson, Fender, Jackson)...

    Shamray guitars is a Russian guitar company that only does custom orders, and they keep them cheap, for very good quality guitars, I'm considering them myself after a few more pay cheques. Google them.

    ...unless of course you did mean a guitar for mass production...good luck.
  3. avatar icefreezer
    Cheers mate, nah i severly doubt that could happen, i'll look those guys up
  4. avatar thesacredhearts
    Looks good. Although the one design flaw i can see it that if like me you have a tendency to batter down of the guitar in rhythm parts, that pick up selector is going to be broken in 5 mins. And my hand a bloody mess.

    Edit: ah completely the wrong thread.