1. avatar Conor Mallon
    My first post!
    Hi, I'm looking for a full band, members preferably 18+, 17 maybe. I've already written 7 songs and am still working on a few more, but basically I'm looking for a singer, able to sing high for a whole song, and also to scream a tad. Rythem guitarist/singers are also welcome but some rythems may be challenging. Bassist should preferably have some actual experience and not just be guitarists claiming to play bass, and a drummer, again preferably with his own kit.

    A practice space is being sorted out.
  2. avatar --archy--
    hey iam a 19 year old bass player with experience of playin 3 years wats style and live you located at?
  3. avatar Conor Mallon
    hey there, it's kinda punk-rock stuff, but not, it's kinda hard to explain, the Newcastle to Downpatrick area.