1. avatar REDLIGHT
  2. avatar stevie j
    Some people just need a good kicking.

    I hope it wasn't a musician from another band.
  3. avatar silvercord
    Thats shit, really shit, Hope you get them and more importantly find out who it was. Too much shit gets taken these days and being in a band or being a musician is not a cheap way of life.
  4. avatar exitonline
    [quote:0f3ffc4361="REDLIGHT"]Remember people - KEEP A CLOSE EYE ON YOUR GEAR AT ALL TIMES[/quote:0f3ffc4361]

    First of, sorry to hear about this, I hope you get your stuff back.

    But yeah, you really gotta stay with your stuff at all times. We have experienced all sorts of band sabotage and thefts. We've even seem bands get their equipment trashed by other jealous bands by accidentally on purpose bumping into it, kicking gear etc. The worst we witnessed was someone pouring bleach all over someone's guitar simply because one of the band members didn't like the other band. You just never know what will happen.
  5. avatar DeliriumTremens
    Sorry to hear that lads. Ive left my stuff there many times so from now on ill personally be a lot more careful.

    [quote:351ab928e9="exitonline"] The worst we witnessed was someone pouring bleach all over someone's guitar simply because one of the band members didn't like the other band. You just never know what will happen.[/quote:351ab928e9]

    WTF, that is literally the most despicable thing ive ever heard. Truly deplorable.
  6. avatar oxo
  7. avatar DuncanDisorderly
    hope you get it back - if someone stole my guitar / film making equipment id literally kill them.
  8. avatar silvercord
    Really hope The PM got it sorted and if so NAME AND SHAME
  9. avatar atomike
    naming and shaming is always a touchy subject but in instances like this you kinda start to think that there really is a valid reason for doing it.

    This problem could be easily rectified with some good ol' fashioned vigilante justice!
  10. avatar spirit of division
    Lavs have prety good cctv so you should ask them about it if you havent already.
  11. avatar Peterotica
    yeah find the motherfucl<ers so we can have them swingin from their scumbag necks from the nearest lamppost"!
  12. avatar TripleHaction
    I cant believe some one is dumb enough to think they'd get away with that...im sure CCTV will pick it up yeah

    i think it was James Blunt to be honest..i seen him in the Belfast area yesterday lol
  13. avatar ThisCharmingMan
    I hope you get your pedals back

    as for the person who stole them they are just fuckin scum
  14. avatar albrechtspencil
    Really gutted to hear about this guys, hope the CCTV shows something at least.

    Personally I'm in favour of naming and shaming here, especially if the offenders are actually NI musicians. People like that don't belong in any music community and even if they're not musicians they should be barred from any further gigs in any local establishments that get wind of this.

    Good luck with the search guys...
  15. avatar Davy Cho
    It's awful having stuff stolen off you. We had our van broken into in Leeds a few years ago. It was a smash and grab affair, mostly all they got was bags of our clothes and dirty kecks! But there was a Les Paul Custom, Vintage Orange Head and great fender bass and ampeg head in the back. Dodged a bullet there alright....

    As far as gigging goes, you really do have to keep an eye on your gear tho, you ever know what scumbags are about. I got myself a 6ft bike lock and thread it thru all the handles of my bags, guitar cases and flight case of my guitar head. Through a bass drum's good too, so at least the big stuff's safe. Anyone can lift a bag and walk out with it, you just have to be so careful.

    Hope you get the stuff back man, and whoever took it finds him or herself on the business end of a massive booting.
  16. avatar Bones
    Balls. Sorry to hear about this mate. This is happening all too much these days. Our guitarist had his fuckin head stolen in the glorious front page about a year ago. I've had my flight case with pedals and leads go walkies and some wanker tried to steal my Gibson in Berlin, he made away with the empty case thinking the geetar was inside but quickly realised it wasn't and dumped it outside thank fuck.
  17. avatar tochaisan
    My first post!
    theres three pedals in the window of music gallaria in lisburn, it says theyre seconds hand, its a super chorus, a tu-2 and i think the other is an sd1, whoever stole it may have sold it there. theyre all toghether on a wee pedal board
  18. avatar REDLIGHT
    Cheers for the info, will check it out, although my stuff wasn't on a pedal board... Thanks again!
  19. avatar Music Galleria

    The second-hand pedals we had for sale were originally sold by us to a regular customer. They were: Tuner, Chorus & Delay - NOT a SD1 - mounted on a Boss board with Boss PSU.

    Really hope you get your gear back.