1. avatar Mickeycolensoparade
    There are loads of Charlie Brooker fans on here, no doubt many are following him on Twitter - if not, he just posted up a link to this article. Hmmm, it's funny until you realize how depressing it actually is.

  2. avatar Nocarsgo
    If you're able to ignore the fact that people actually believe what they're saying, the BNP site is one of the funniest websites on the web.
  3. avatar silvercord
    Im been obsessed with screenwipe all week, watched all 5 of the series of youtube, thats right, cheap trampy you tube
  4. avatar Homerbert1
    You should cap off the Screenwipe binge with Newswipe. The very nice Mr Xthemusic has uploaded all of it to youtube as well.

  5. avatar silvercord
  6. avatar blacker
  7. avatar The Stav
    I don't know whether to laugh or fume at this article. What a bunch of twisted thick cunts the BNP really are! I reckon all the little old ladies in England that are being charmed by those besuited suave fuckers should have a juke at that site. Or have it read to them over the wireless.
  8. avatar The Stav
    Here, I just found another cracker on the BNP site-


    Sadly, I'm pretty sure this twat is serious. Damn Liberal Fascists!
  9. avatar anty2
    why did he mention a black schoolchild for no apparant reason?
  10. avatar The Stav
    I'd say he brought it up because he's a racist shit. He says a lot of things for no apparent reason- I reckon he mutters obscenities to himself when he's walkin down the street. What a pathetic little man!