1. avatar The Limelight
  2. avatar returnofthedogs
    EZ will be handing out some lovely goodie bags at this.
  3. avatar SixEventsXposure
    Looking forward to this!!
  4. avatar returnofthedogs
    saw grand pocket orchestra over the weekend in Liverpool's soundcity festival and have to say they have one of the most unique frontman I have seen in a very long time. Check them out!! great stuff!
  5. avatar returnofthedogs
    Check out GPO "Odd Socks" video love it!!

  6. avatar returnofthedogs
    first 50 people through doors receive Animal Disco Live CD which has a track from each band playing. sweet!:D
  7. avatar toejam
    canny chuffin wait
  8. avatar The Limelight

    Doors 9pm

    Panama Kings DJ's 9pm

    Strait Laces 10:20

    Grand Pocket Orchestra 11:10


    Panama Kings DJ's 12:40 to Close