1. avatar eddyecb
    Title says it all, apart from the watt, now im mainly looking for 30 watt, but if i can get a bigger watt for a good price then brilliant!

    Thanks alot,
  2. avatar papaul
  3. avatar eddyecb
    pm'd mate
  4. avatar Sadoldgit
    bit of free advice...FFS dont use overdrive pedals with the spider....or at least, only use a tubescreamer on very low gain to colour the tone.
    The modelling front end goes all mushy , hence why people who dont understand them slag them off.

    Set up your sounds on the channels and save them - you can then scroll between them on the footswitch.

    They are nice amps one you learn how to use them.

    Back to back, the spider II sounds better than my Marshall AVT275.
    Also, drive the bastard really really hard to break the speakers in - they always sound better after a few gigs played loud.
  5. avatar eddyecb
    Thanks alot for the advice sadoldgit, ill defiantly remember that!