1. avatar The Old New
    Well here it goes, 27th time lucky. Been out of the music loop for a while after numerous failed attempts but willing to give it another shot, whether it's the impending summer about to happen or whatever it is i'm not sure, but here it goes.

    Looking for a drummer and bassist/singer to start off with I guess with a good level of playing ability and of 'sound' nature XD. Style of music would be along the DFA 1979/Radiohead/The Dirtbombs/The Prodigy/Future of the Left/McLusky/White Denim/Qotsa/Explosions in the Sky/65 DOS esque raw experimental with twists of Cold War Kids/OK Go/The Hives/Idlewild esque catchiness.

    21/Belfast/Guitarist (I also have aquired possible bass drum vocal snyth skills to add to the mix

    Hope this goes better than previous times! Anyone interested fire me a PM and see how it goes!

    Cheers to all
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  2. avatar The Old New
    Get it on with your bad self
  3. avatar billyfyffe
    Again, would be interested but have no equipment lol.
  4. avatar The Old New
    Guess something could be arranged until you got your own? No equipment is a major flaw though ha.
  5. avatar billyfyffe
    I put all my money into my Avalon and mac. Add me on msn lad.

  6. avatar martymccanny
    hey dude i play drums bass and guitar, and would definatly be interested in this! i have 7 years bass exp both live and recorded, 4 years guitar same as above and 2 years druming behind me!
  7. avatar Reckoner
    If you decide you want another guitarist, I'd be interested. Though I'd imagine a drummer and bassist to complete the basic working principles of a band lineup are a priority for now.