1. avatar evo62=metal
    Hey, I've been playing guitar for about 2years now and I'm 14 and I'm urgently looking to be in a band or start one as I love metal so much, I love Iron Maiden, Trivium, King Diamond, Metallica, Devil Driver, GNR, Dragonforce, Dream Theatre, the early works of Avenged Sevenfold, ACDC etc I just love metal!
    I have all my own gear, i.e. marshall amp nd pedals nd ibanez, i play exotic scales good at rythm and i can pull off some awesome tapping solos and i use a lot of palm muting in my playing style, so please leave me a pm or add me on msn at www.cevans62@hotmail.com to chat about forming a band/me joining urs my name is Carl Evans, transport shouldn't e an issue.
    If u are intersted in the 1st option (helping me form a band) id b thib=nking along the lines of DemonAxe or Scarlet Blades or something as a name.
    Please drop me a pm if you can find the time thnx