1. avatar noelyg05
    Hi guys, like most of you we are trying our best to make it as big as possible in a huge world full of millions of bands trying to so the same.

    I'm asking for just 2 mins of your time to register and vote for us to give us the chance of playing to thousands of people at the benicasiam festival in Spain

    The more votes we get the better the chance of us making the heats in London.

    It literally takes 2 mins to register and give us 5 stars!!


    Here is the link: http://www.supajam.com/story/title/reach-out

    Leave a nice comment and MAKE SURE TO PUT THE STARS UP so the vote actually registers

    Means a lot..

    Thanks in advance

    Steve :D
  2. avatar maddenrockband
    who are u guys whats the band called, or have u a myspace link
  3. avatar Danny Lynch
    our noel's a bit tight lipped.
    were the varionis myspace.com/thevarionis

    any votes and comments would be greatly appreciated
  4. avatar isis
    Got a taxi from Windor cabs the other day and the driver was telling me to vote for you on this! You've got some promoter there! I'll go on and vote now!
  5. avatar isis
    Am I being a spaz? How do you vote?
  6. avatar noelyg05
    Ha,ha I think i know who that may have been!!

    Its not very clear i know, once you have registered and are on our page, to the right of the song description you should be able to see 5 stars, hover over them and you sould be able to rate the song out of 5 stars, then click and it should say thanks for voting.

    If you really want to you can give us 5 stars and leave a nice comment!! :D

    Really appreciate it, maybe I should look into getting that taxi driver in as management?

  7. avatar isis
    5 stars it is...does that mean I get cheap cabs now?
  8. avatar vtecrigsy
    Hey guys you got my vote. In the spirit of mutual back scratching would you in turn download our track for free on nichart.com. You know the score, go to downloads and look for Raising Giant :wink: :wink: See you guys soon.

    ps Don't forget about PIGSTOCK!!

    Cheers Paul
  9. avatar noelyg05
    Cheers Paul, favour returned just downloaded your track!

    Isis, i can't unfortunatly offer cheap taxis however since you gave us 5 stars i will piggy back you to a destination of your choice*

    [size=7:54adac03fe]*disclaimer- destinaton of your choice shall amount to no more than 3 yards[/size:54adac03fe]
  10. avatar isis
    From Katy Dalys to the Spring and airbreak it is!!
  11. avatar MICROLIP
    voted and all mate, so did the lads. didnt let me comment tho. good luck!!