1. avatar Nocarsgo
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  2. avatar Persistence
    Sounds good, except your Myspace doesn't appear to be working! Am definitely planning on going, though :)
  3. avatar Nocarsgo
    Jesus, that was a bad mistake. Cheers for the heads up! I may as well make a new MySpace at that address considering the posters are in circulation.
  4. avatar Persistence
    Awesomeee :P I'm kind of glad it wasn't just me. Well, everyone goofs up, and at least you caught it early, right?
  5. avatar Nocarsgo
    Totally, plus we only had Tom as our friend on MySpace, so it's no big deal. :P
  6. avatar gerry norman
    Really looking forward to this gig. There was damn all underage gigs where I grew up so I know how annoying it is when your a young teen and all the gigs are 18+. I'm looking to play as many all age shows in N.Ireland as possible so hopefully this will be the first of many.
  7. avatar FaeriBex
    i've mentioned this to the drama academy i'm involved with, if you want i can stick a poster up in the studio to let them know about it :)
  8. avatar Nocarsgo
    That would be most excellent. :D

    You can use that pic, it's ready for A3 printing!
  9. avatar FaeriBex
    cool not a problem. one of the questions that came up was how/where to get the tickets? just double checking that its from oh yeah?
  10. avatar thepostboxtheory
  11. avatar Nocarsgo
    Tickets can be bought from the Oh Yeah Centre, but they're not on sale just yet. They will be by next Monday hopefully. :D there's a parental consent form to fill out for under 18s, but you'll be able to download that form from the MySpace during the week.
  12. avatar deadonmusic
    Class poster!!


    I'm looking forward to this show... Even though I'm too old to rock out anymore!
  13. avatar Persistence
    [quote:b82f04dfec="deadonmusic"]Class poster!!


    I'm looking forward to this show... Even though I'm too old to rock out anymore![/quote:b82f04dfec]

    You're never too old! Or, if that's true I don't want to grow up :?

  14. avatar thepostboxtheory
  15. avatar Nocarsgo
    Tickets will go on sale pretty darn soon, hopefully by Wednesday or Thursday next week depending on the printers. :D we're just getting the tickets into the printers, and the necessary form is available from the MySpace right now :D
  16. avatar Persistence
    I can't get it on the MySpace. There's a link in the blog but an error message comes up saying it's out of date... :?
  17. avatar Nocarsgo
    Try again now, fecking MySpace rejecting TinyURL links.

  18. avatar Persistence
    Sweet! Filled in and ready to send. :)

    I really have nothing better to do besides Home Economics revision, so it's no trouble... Study leave is great for that sort of thing.

    </babble> See, I really do have nowt better to do.
  19. avatar Nocarsgo
    I'm sure you're bored to death on hearing about this gig. Yet if you're not, I've written an article on why we're doing this, what we're doing, and a little piece on each band.

  20. avatar Lightonthehillside
    A Plastic Rose were fantastic at The Time To Be Proud festival last night. An awesome band.
  21. avatar thepostboxtheory
  22. avatar Nocarsgo
    Great news! Not only will tickets be on sale from Monday but there is no need for consent forms anymore! Woohoo!
  23. avatar thepostboxtheory
    Yay 8)
  24. avatar thepostboxtheory
    We will have our EP on sale there, if anyone is feeling adventurous?
  25. avatar Persistence
    [quote:09c474cb32="Nocarsgo"]Great news! Not only will tickets be on sale from Monday...[/quote:09c474cb32]

    Apparently not :P I've been badgering people at Oh Yeah for the best part of 2 weeks.
  26. avatar Nocarsgo
    I know, we had trouble with the printers and now our organisation stopped us selling the tickets before next week!
  27. avatar Nocarsgo
    Tickets are on sale now. They're massive. But they have a map to the venue, so it's all good.
  28. avatar Nocarsgo
  29. avatar Nocarsgo
    Tickets will be on sale at the door contrary to advertising!
  30. avatar gerry norman
    Bring it on.
  31. avatar Nocarsgo
    Our ugly mugs are in the Irish News today... may God have mercy on our souls.

    The Postbox Theory are up first and I'd really advise everyone to get down to check them out: excellent band.
  32. avatar Nocarsgo
  33. avatar Nocarsgo

    LaFaro, quite frankly, tore me a new one. Great great set and I'm dying to hear this album.

    A Plastic Rose, from sheer overheard conversations, have gained at least 30 new fans tonight. Great performance.

    The Audiables weren't half bad in an acoustic set.

    The Postbox Theory were good but I was hoping for some more of their EP stuff. Having said that, the new material is not bad at all.

    Cheers to everybody who turned up, I know there certainly weren't a lot of you but there was a lot of other events happening tonight and other unforeseen circumstances and everyone who turned up did us proud.

    Maybe, just fucking maybe, the kids do stand a chance.
  34. avatar Persistence
    Lafaro were really, really good. Haven't seen them live since I was about 13-14 but they were just as good as I remembered. *cough* Docker's Club *cough*

    A Plastic Rose were pretty good, I liked them; Kids Don't Behave Like This is a stonking tune.

    The Audiables...set went on a little too long, not really my cup o' tea but good on them anyway.

    The Postbox Theory keep getting better and better every time I see them. Agree with you, would've liked to see more songs from the EP but they played Mirrors!
  35. avatar thepostboxtheory
    Thanks for the appreciation of our set.

    But, what else can you do as a band if you keep coming up with new tunes. You have to eventually ditch some old songs, or just play a really long set =[

    But the new EP should be getting recorded towards the end of this year, and it will annililate 'Experiment #1'

    But yeah, thanks very much Patrick for putting it on! We had a blast.

  36. avatar Nocarsgo
    [quote:624f93b90d="thepostboxtheory"]Thanks for the appreciation of our set.

    But, what else can you do as a band if you keep coming up with new tunes. You have to eventually ditch some old songs, or just play a really long set =[


    I can see that, yes and obviously you've got to come up with new material but with such a quality EP I was hoping for one or two more tracks. Panda Kopanda recently played a set at Trans with only one song from the previous album, which threw me off a bit.

    Cheers for playing, from what I heard, you were a shining example of what we're trying to achieve. :D
  37. avatar Zach TPT
    for what its worth we were goin to play the argument
    but had to leave it out as the guitar problems cut our set short, doesnt matter anyway
    thanks for getting us that gig twas awesome!!