1. avatar Sir Bob Gelding
    Alleged comedian Frank Carson has joined the UK Independence Party.

    [quote:b4a69bc3cd]We need to get out of the EU and ditch the human rights legislation[/quote:b4a69bc3cd]

    Yeah I've often thought that human rights were a bad thing. He's got my vote. Bastard.
  2. avatar my-angel-rocks
    he just doesn't like it cos most of his jokes are in violation.
  3. avatar dommccann
    hooooooooomin reeeeeeetz!
  4. avatar Big Homeless
    is that made up?
  5. avatar dommccann
  6. avatar Big Homeless
    he is not an excellent comedian nor does he have a serious point.

  7. avatar feline1
    I am amazed that Frank Carson is still alive.

    Didn't he die in about 1988 or sthg?

    Is Kilroy still in the UKIP? Wasn't he going to "shaft" Brussels or sthg? lol
  8. avatar The Stav
    Yes, Frank Carson did indeed die in 1988. The coroner at the time reported that Mr. Carson had overdosed on Heroin, and also had copious amounts of cocaine, LSD, marijuana and tequila in his system at the time of death. He was found in a Picadilly motel room by his girlfriends Tanya and Trixabelle.
    The Frank Carson that has joined the UKIP is actually Frank's identicle twin brother Hank, who changed his name to Frank in 1993, in order to canvass support on the back of his dead brother's high standing reputation on the comedy circuit.
  9. avatar xfirefishx
    I'm not sure who's less funny.