1. avatar smiths_man
    Hello everyone

    Has anybody seen any of these bands live

    Rainbow Corner
    Tin Pot Operation
    The Vals

    These are the bands that have caught my attention since I have been in these parts. Rainbow Corner in particular sound amazing. Cant believe they havent been snapped up yet. Let me know if anyone knows anything about any of these bands.

    Kind regards.
  2. avatar Persistence
    Tin Pot Operation are smashing live, so chaotic and spirited :) I haven't seen them for a while though, but I really like them.

    Can't help with the others, I'm afraid.
  3. avatar Sir Bob Gelding
    The Vals are currently in Dusseldorf, jamming mit Ralf Und Dorian.

  4. avatar Sukimonster
    [quote:34be37bdb6]Let me know if anyone knows anything about any of these bands. [/quote:34be37bdb6]

    Why don't you just go to the bands myspace and find out stuff there? Actually on second thoughts, your probably actually in one of those bands so you could save some time and just ask yourself.
  5. avatar Gogs
  6. avatar smiths_man
    Seems to be a problem with folks in these parts - cynicism. I cant play a musical instrument so i dont think I would qualify for any of the bands I mentioned. I only asked a genuine question if people have seen any of these bands live. I have checked the myspaces, which is why I have heard of these bands. I have just moved here from London with work so I am not really acquainted with the music scene in Northern Ireland.

    Another band I have heard recently - Ed Zealous. Sound good on myspace. Again, anyone seen these guys live?
  7. avatar Sukimonster
  8. avatar ryanego
    Ed Zealous are a cracking live band, one of my current favourites in NI.

    I saw a brief bit of the Tin Pot Operation and it was good, a little bit different, but I haven't seen the rest.
  9. avatar DeliriumTremens
    The Vals are excellent, we had the pleasure to play with them at last years val-fest.

    Havent seen the TPO in a few years, they were amazing then so i can only imagine theyre better now.

    Never seen Rainbow Corner but ive heard great things about them.
  10. avatar Mickeycolensoparade
    Tin Pot Operation are a brilliant live act, very tight and extemely passionate. Go see them!
  11. avatar Captain Kennedy
    They're all shite!! :)
  12. avatar don sebestian
    tinpots r class. dunno bout the rest... HOWEVER, you wanna check out a band? then you had bloody well better check out stereowarfavourites. BAND!!!

  13. avatar thepostboxtheory
    I've never seen either of those bands live, but i've heard very good things.

    You should check out mojoFURY, i think they're one of the best bands around at the minute. ( www.myspace.com/mojofuryband )

    and if you're feeling really crazy, check out my bands new tunes. (www.myspace.com/thepostboxtheory)

  14. avatar Big Homeless
    YEs I concur, The TinPot Operation are very good, excellent musicanship , great songs and very entertaning, AND they have proper things to say. One of my favourite bands, unfortunately I can't say I have witnessed the others.
  15. avatar smiths_man
    Thanks folks. Some really good suggestions there. Mojo Fury sound great as do the Stereo War Favourites (Great name that). Post box theory pretty good too. Thats why I like this site. Some good folks on it. Some pricks too though which is unfortunate. But you do get them everywhere.
  16. avatar silvercord
    I suppose i may blatently promote my own band:


    Also, a good summary of what Northern ireland has to offer check out www.nichart.com

    Great site many many free local downloads, and updated Quite often aswell. Also, NI Podcast is always great, great to get into bands, Try AU magazine aswel yearly subscription is only 20 of the Queens finest quids.

    That'll do you well lad.
    Good luck
  17. avatar isis
    Rainbow corner are playing this Sat at the Bunker for thon circus night....

    Should be a good one, Think other bands are
    Jack Change it - funky as hell
    ITNO - bluesy rock
    and I can't remember who else..
  18. avatar isis
    oh and before that Colenso Parade are playing an early show in Auntie Annie's. If you like the Vals you'll like them. Kickin off at about 7.30...
  19. avatar niallgraham
    Out of those bands, I've only seen The Vals live.

    They're sweet like.
  20. avatar Lightonthehillside
    Check out Time To Be Proud Festival in the Black Bands over the weekend Saturday & Sunday

    Saturday - The Minnows, St Vitus Dance, Shibuya Crossings and Kitty and The Canopeners

    Sunday - The Sabrejets, The 3Tones (Undertones Acoustic), John Darcy and band and Robert Holmes.

    Doors open each night 8.00pm First band on 8.30pm

    Good line ups.
  21. avatar drumloop
    My first post!
    Rainbow Corner are classssss...Seen them playing the other night in Laverys and they blow the roof off.. seriously great band.
  22. avatar belfastpride
    Come see these guys perform along with some other bands on June 25th in The Empire Music Hall! :)