1. avatar Le Sac Magique
    anyone heard this yet? due to all the press i've spent a lot of time in work reading about this this on the internet(only allowed to view guardian or independent) and a lot's been made of it being the sequel to the holy bible for obvious reasons, which is the only manics album i can stand past the first handful of songs (which is everything must go, can't even listen to the others). naturally intrigued, but i'm currently listening to the new one, so far... nope.

    anyone else heard this?
  2. avatar dommccann
    not impressed by it at all! v disappointed.
  3. avatar my-angel-rocks
    I think they're trying very hard to get back to the Holy Bible, the songs are structured similarly, they're trying to be darker, the coverart by the same person. They haven't succeeded really, but lyrically its still better than anything Nicky Wire ever came up with. I can't say I'm disappointed, cos I wasn't expecting very much.
  4. avatar Nocarsgo
    It's a fairly good album, IMHO. Not the Holy Bible but a good try. The single is super but. Middle aged until halfway through. Then balls to the wall.
  5. avatar whipchorus
    They should never have given up the role as the Welsh Def Leppard. As long as they talked the talk, they were fine. The minute they started sounding like Joy Division (ie. trying too hard), our survey says - nope.
  6. avatar huggy baps
    Was Steve Albini involved?
  7. avatar anty2
    yes he was.

    Like the album myself, a few tracks im not fond of but its better than the past two albums
  8. avatar Le Sac Magique
    having listened to the rest, there are parts that i did quite enjoy, which i didn't expect. On the whole though it disappoints, simply because they're been building the whole holy bible relatioship up. One good thing is that it reminded me how much i loved that album, and if it encourages anyone who never heard it before to listen then it can't be a bad thing!
  9. avatar TheSt00ns
    I love it, think they achieved what they wanted to and it is the best manics album since Everything...
  10. avatar SixEventsXposure
    i got my limited edition one in the post yesterday, i think its awesome, i rele hate the way everyones sayin they wer tryin to recreate the holy bible, they arent at all, theyve progressed since then and just thought it was the right time to release these lyrics that richy left for a reason, rele like bath of bleach, and glad they arent bringin out any singles! Roll on 6th june!
  11. avatar supershedseven
    Loving this album. It grows on you very slowly. Listened to it or a few weeks now and have to say its better than the last album by a fair bit.

    Its very stripped down, and im sure it will come good live.

    Good purchase !
  12. avatar my-angel-rocks
    [quote:0d91815659="supershedseven"]its better than the last album by a fair bit.[/quote:0d91815659]

    Not really setting the bar very high though...

    [quote:0d91815659]im sure it will come good live.[/quote:0d91815659]

    This is true, they do appear to be songs that will sound good live.
  13. avatar glitxysadie
    Is it just me or does "peeled apples" sound like its ripped off Heaven 17's "temptation"? maybe i've overdosed on 80's.. :)
  14. avatar fopp
    No it's not just you, I was wondering what it reminded me of when watching Jools Holland a couple of weeks back. Apart from that though, I thought that the songs they'd played that night were pretty decent.
  15. avatar State of your face
    I think that track 12 (Virginia State Epileptic Colony) sounds really like "Waking Up" by Elastica. Might be the only one who thinks that though.

    Think the album is fantastic by the way, far better than I dared to hope