1. avatar MICROLIP
    Hi eveyone, we have had a korg D3200 digital recording desk stolen from our studio/practice rooms outside portadown. If you hear of anyone trying to flog one would you please pm me with details. As well as costing the band a lot of money theres prob hundreds of hours of work on the thing. Its hard to believe that some scumbag that prob does'nt even know its worth has lifted it. ANY HELP AT ALL WOULD BE GREAT, THERE'LL BE A REWARD AS WELL.
  2. avatar MICROLIP
    I will give 200 pound to anybody that can help me get our korg d3200 back.
    It was stolen on saturday the 9th may from studio 2 in portadown.
    If you hear of anybody that has recently got a hard disc recording desk please let me know.
    I am totally genuine about the reward and will gladly give the reward to somebody that deserves it. I dont mess people about. no names will be mentioned. Just want the desk back.
    Please help... im begging here guys..Feels like ive lost my two arms. :?
    Thanks Guys James
    pm me.heres a link to show u the desk..
  3. avatar SITH_creations
    awh Jamesy, I'm so sorry to here this man, I really hope you get it back... fuckin thieving basids!

    Good Luck man,

  4. avatar jonny is an ambulance

    Any word on this yet fellas??

  5. avatar MICROLIP
    Sorry guys but BUMP!!! I need this back
  6. avatar Sadoldgit
    check ebay, and the usual second hand local stores.

    Ring around a few asking for a recording gear...dont be specific, and see if anyone mentions something that "has just come in"
    Got my [brand new] one today .

    Top marks Chris in Dawsons Bangor.
  7. avatar MICROLIP
    200 quid to anybody that can lead me in the direction of our stolen multitrack recording desk. Its a korg d3200.
    Its sitting in some scumbags bedroom. give me the name,I get the desk u get the money,no questions asked.. 200 quid or 40 bottles of wine.
  8. avatar Recycled Alien

    The wine will do nicely, thanks.
  9. avatar supersonicsolos
    balls is that it .scooped
  10. avatar tenrabbits
    I sincerely hope that is it.. good work Steve!
  11. avatar jonny is an ambulance
    whats the story with this then lol

    is it the right one?
  12. avatar SweetDickWilly
    Yeah dude did ya get your magical recording box back? I love happy endings, both kinds.
  13. avatar charliehorse
    That does look very similar, is it the same one James? Even I'm angry, that thing gave birth to our first 2 EPs...we sincerely hope you get it back man.

    PS - hope everything else is alright with you :)
  14. avatar MICROLIP
    Recently on gumtree there was a korgd3200 sold,
    some guy Sean from up around Coalisland roundabout had it.
    Does anybody know this desk or this person and is it genuine.
    I want to eliminate this from our search for our stolen d3200.
    If you know where it is now let me know so i can check the serial number on it.
  15. avatar jonny is an ambulance
    here bai's there's another one of these up on gumtree from coalisland

  16. avatar MICROLIP
    Its not it, his desk is genuine
    I would buy this one if he would drop the price a little.
    Thanks everybody for keeping an eye out for us...just have to drink this wine myself.
    f u c anything popping up that sounds like ours give us a shout
  17. avatar exitonline
    Sorry to hear you guys still havent got the recorder back yet, you must be gutted about the whole thing. Do any other bands rehearse in the same studio, if so I would start asking around just incase they have nicked it. I know it sounds crazy that another band would nick stuff, but you never know, some bands try to sabotage other bands all the time, I've seen it happen first hand.

    Hope you get this sorted.