1. avatar Panama_kings
  2. avatar ryanego
    You're going to make yourself very unpopular if you are making a fake testimony on behalf of the Panama Kings to promote your tunes. If that's what you're doing, you should probably delete your posts, as it will do more harm than good.

    If it's actually one of the Panama Kings, give us one o yer new singles.
  3. avatar smiths_man
    Pure bollocks im afraid.
  4. avatar Quite_Enjoyed
    My first post!
    Altho ur probably right, and its probably not one the the panama kings, i actualy liked the tunes. try check them out
  5. avatar Nocarsgo
    Multiple user names, multiple spam posts, not really a good way to promote a band don't you think? Not exactly brilliant material but not too bad.
  6. avatar thefoxofmoscow
    the annoying thing for the Panama Kings is that this will garner you a lot of attention, albeit undeserved.

    also, this reminded me when I saw the KOL song. What is the UK law regarding uploading cover songs? I am originally from the south and am unfamiliar with the matter. I have no intention of doing so, I am just curious.
  7. avatar Stu Make Say Think
    Nothing to do with us I'm afraid, but since everyone's pimping their wares: