1. avatar TheMonkeySlaves
    We Are A Belfast Based Band Who R Still A Singer And Drummer Short Of Full Line-up

    Influences- Oasis, The Beatles, The Stone Roses, The Twang, Kasabian, The Verve, Ocean Colour Scene Etc Etc

    Drummer Must Be Playin For About 2-3 Years R Just Be Good.

    Must Be Male And Aged Between 18-22

    And Must Be Deticated.

    ( TheMonkeySlaves Isent The Band Name)

    Get In Touch A.S.A.P If Interested...Cheers!
  2. avatar dommccann
    Must Capitalise Every Word!
  3. avatar TheMonkeySlaves
    have to make it look serious dont i. wtf u doin here anyway? fuck off creep
  4. avatar dommccann
    cawm yer wee baaaaallleeeeeex reet down!

    people...you have now see the true nature of the beast.

    p.s. you forgot to mention that those with a sense of humour need not apply.
  5. avatar TheMonkeySlaves
    im always calm son. i just dont like u thats all. state of ur pic u look like a right faggit

    ....ur just not funny .your just a wee nerd tryin to be smart on the internet coz u wudnt have it in u in real life.

    thats just the truth
  6. avatar dommccann
    You're a nazi!
  7. avatar TheMonkeySlaves
  8. avatar CabboPearimo
    You could probably just give up on starting a band if you're going to be so aggressive. Really. Also, capitalizing every word does not look professional, it makes you look a little thick.
  9. avatar Brendy
    How old is the band mate?
  10. avatar meanmrmustard
    Alright lads me and my mate are looking to start a new band ourselves, i'm a singer he's a drummer. Love the influences if ur interested get bck to us.
  11. avatar secondgenerationrocker
    Im a singer/songwriter/guitarist - 19 - heavily influenced by most of those and especially oasis. Can play acoustic or electric, open to ideas, and up for going giggin or in the studio. text me on 07732026502, Cheers!
  12. avatar Chrisvito
    Hey man i am a drummer i have been playing for about 9 years my music is up on www.myspace.com/crypticpromotions (PS THe Drum solo is like 1 year old lol ! )

    Reguards CHris
  13. avatar shiniru
    [quote:6d89f0b058="dommccann"]You're a nazi![/quote:6d89f0b058]

    If you can't be civil, at least don't be a dick. ..... basic rule of the internet, dont be a dick .... sorry to bring this up again, you just annoyed me
  14. avatar dolphin bombers
    why does age matter im 28 u make me feel so old dude lol
  15. avatar secondgenerationrocker
    forgot to mention on my earlier post that im a rhythm guitarist! cheers