1. avatar MULLAN Extraordinaire
    For those of you who remember us we finally have 3 new tracks uploaded from our brand new EP, "Date Created" on our myspace. We took our time with this one and we're all pleased with the result. Hope you enjoy.


    On the gig front we have some Irish gigs booked for the beginning of September with our good friends from Finland, Farewell. You can check them out here ---> http://www.myspace.com/farewellmetal

    [u:683aca43b3]SEPT '09[/u:683aca43b3]
    Wed 2 - Sally Long's, GALWAY
    Thu 3 - The Empire, BELFAST (w/Stand-Up Guy)
    Fri 4 - TBC, DERRY
    Sat 5 - Fibber's, DUBLIN (w/Two Tales of Woe)
  2. avatar michael countervela
    The first review of date created is in this months AU magazine along with a feature on Countervela.

    The Derry gig on Fri 4th September is now confirmed at Mason's along with devilmakesthree.