1. avatar ziggy

    well, im setting up a gig promotion thing/studio/ rehersal space and i need as many bands names + contact details as i can possibly get! If you play on your own or in a band could you be as nice as to give me these details??

    Cheers in advance
  2. avatar fastfude
    If this means even more unsolicited emails, you can take my address off now ;)

    General notice to promoters: if I didn't explicitly ask for it, and didn't sign up for anything on your site, you can only harm your reputation and promotional efforts by then spamming me. Spam does not work. Repeat it with me. Then kill yourself.

    Offer an RSS feed, ask bands you work with to recommend your service, run competitions as incentive to join the list, but do not just harvest addresses and carpet-bomb the music scene.

    I'll wager you'd get better results from a 20-person list, all of whom chose to receive it, than from 1,000 people who never even had the chance to say 'no'.
  3. avatar ziggy
    Jees sorry i was just trying to get a few contacts to get my foot on the first step... i wasnt going to "spam" or "carpet bomb" anyone i was genuinely trying to link with a few of the bands on here! thanks alot to those who pmd anyways!