1. avatar Philip PAYOLA
    This gig has become very much a tradition in the Pay*ola calendar - and with the North West 200 being the biggest sporting event in Ireland, it's a brilliant weekend to play on the north coast....

    An Evening of Rock'n'Roll with.....
    & guests [b:f94353c850]Angus[/b:f94353c850]

    [b:f94353c850]The Retro Bar[/b:f94353c850], Portrush (Main St.)
    [b:f94353c850]Saturday 16th May[/b:f94353c850]

    (doors are open for all-day drinking....but music will kick off after 9pm!! - no worries about tickets either, it's pay at door)

    We've done this show for about the past 6 years, and it's always a blast - a real old school rock'n'roll show....hot, sweaty and loud - and it will feature our full-length setlist. This is the last of the initial batch of "Colour Red" tourdates, and will also be our last gig for over a month. The next gig will be the [b:f94353c850]Summer Rocks 2[/b:f94353c850] show in the Empire Music Hall, Belfast on Thursday 18th June - and that'll be a very special one. Will be back with more details.

    The Pay*ola E.P "Colour Red" is available for download at iTunes and Amazon mp3 among many sites. (search payola colour red)

    http://www.facebook.com (search payola rock)
  2. avatar maddenrockband
    Payola fuck'n rock!!!
  3. avatar Durty Rocker
    That they do, one of the best bands in the north IMO, unfortunatley Angus are not :?