1. avatar daveshorty
    Just wondering if anyone might have an idea who to talk to? Would preferably be after a weekend night but that's not overly important.

  2. avatar dombrog
    Contoversial idea i know but try phoning the venue. Any manager can tell you about availability but i'd imagine with regular clubs on a Friday & Saturday you'd be looking at a gig on a Sunday if you need weekend.
  3. avatar Gogs
    Yeah, phone 'em up.
  4. avatar daveshorty
    aye cheers. just thought i'd need to speak to a promoter or somethin rather than the bar staff, like gregz in the bunker etc...
  5. avatar The Stav
    Last time I heard it was Chris and Ciaran running the entertainment, but that was a while back. You may be better trying for the Black Box though, it's a better venue and you might attract more punters.
  6. avatar Nocarsgo
    Oh perhaps the Oh Yeah Centre?
  7. avatar silvercord
    we'd play if you's needed any bands: