1. avatar 10rapid
    i spend a lot of time driving. I don't spend enough time sleeping. For these two incompatible facts to come together in harmony, i need to accompany my car's daily petrol fill with some fuel of my own.. A nice cup of bewley's coffee used to do nicely. Now however, it appears the world has been taken over by this horton character and his insipid, luke warm shite, accompanied by bollocks muffins and crap donuts. All trumpeted with some nonsense about canada. Now, if i wanted some socialist leaning post rock, blue jeans wearing robin hood related balladry or indeed talking trees related prog rock, canada would be my first port of call. But coffee? No way. Ban this filth now.
  2. avatar tinpot anto
    I concur entirely with these sentiments. The Censa Coffee they were doing in the Spars was actually lovely and fair trade and stuff like that.

    Tim Horton's is an oul load of syphilitic camel piss.

    Canada my hole.
  3. avatar my-angel-rocks
    The only time I've been in a Tim Horton's was in the fantasically named town of Wawa, and I felt ill for the rest of the morning.
  4. avatar The Big List
    Strangely, I now feel compelled to try it. I like Canada, I've never been but I hear it's nice, and the people are supposed to be nice, and the weather is generally nice. Why the crap coffee, what does it mean...? Maybe everyone is too laid back to brew a successful stimulant laced drink? Their beer is generally peeeeeeeeeeeeeesh.
  5. avatar himynameissween
    just remember that the stuff you are tasting is probably a poor representation of the actual company's coffee. it would be different if there were actual shops dedicated to JUST selling the coffee, but seeing as spar have taken it upon themselves to stick an instant coffee dispenser in most of their shops, i don't think it's fair to judge.

    also i must say, having worked in a spar i never had the inkling to try any, given that they seemed to fawn over tim horton himself as some form of culinary god.

    most coffee from a machine is an abhorrence anyway, so you shouldn't even expect anything decent!

    their blueberry muffins are divine though...
  6. avatar tinpot anto
    Yeah but the Censa stuff was class.
  7. avatar Crackity_jones
    I don't do coffee, but their donuts have kept many a hunger pang at bay.
  8. avatar fopp
    tim horton. He eats babies and kute kats allegedly.
  9. avatar fastfude
    I too reckon coffee boked from a metal box in a shap is never going to be setting the bar for beverage excellence. Only if it couldn't be acquired by more human means would I resort to this. Horton's is no better/worse than any other brand in my experience - they're all disappointing at best.
  10. avatar Sir Bob Gelding
    [quote:11e6ed27ea]Think of your children pledging allegiance to the maple leaf. Mayonnaise on everything. Winter 11 months of the year. Anne Murray - all day, every day.[/quote:11e6ed27ea]
  11. avatar I'mDead
    Yes but coffee is for pooves anyway. A big mug of tea with ones arse-crack hanging out of their jeans measure of a true lady or gent.

    And Canada = America's hat, etc.
  12. avatar fopp
    So what's Venezuela?
    The y-fronts?
  13. avatar The Ronster
    I've never tasted coffee. The smell has always made me want to retch.
  14. avatar theavenue
    Being that I'm currently residing in Canada and have tasted the Tim Hortons from Tim Hortons stores here and the shite they purport as Tim Hortons in the Spar, it is NOT Tim Hortons. It's a crock. You have to fucking make it yourself.

    Tim Hortons is cheap, it's quick, it's easy and I usually get it on the way to work and just one of the many reasons why I love living here.
  15. avatar of ontario
    I was once canadian...or still am, or something. My first job was at tim hortons. The stuff here is for sure not the same.

    Don't hate canada, hate the spar's version of canada.
  16. avatar clivemcl
    I duno about their coffee, but their sachet hot cocolates are actually better than Clements! You MUST try them!