1. avatar fastfude
    [quote:52d7fd3992]Culture Secretary Andy Burnham picked up a guitar to join Feargal Sharkey in an impromptu performance of The Undertones' 1970s hit Teenage Kicks during a visit to Liverpool. [/quote:52d7fd3992]
  2. avatar The Stav
    Brutal. What a pair of wankers.
  3. avatar ryanego
  4. avatar thefoxofmoscow
    The look of utter horror from the young guy in the crowd in the last 2 secs is not to be missed.
  5. avatar belezabaub
    What are the chances of guitar lessons featuring on our right honourable Andy Burnham's expense account?
  6. avatar Big Homeless
    sharkey had nowt to do with the song cept sing it, suppose his voice give it its thing, but as someone wrote ... what a pair of wankers.. good heart maybe.