1. avatar The Big List
  2. avatar SweetDickWilly
    Last time was super-duper, I'm sure this one will be great too!!!
  3. avatar exmagician
    Cashier No.9 will be chatting about this gig among other things with Kresanna on her show, Homemade Jam, on U105 at around 7:30pm tonight (Sun 24th May)
  4. avatar The Big List
    Just an early heads-up, the expected stage times are...

    Cashier No.9: 11.30-12.15
    Mojo Fury: 10.45 - 11.20
    Dutch Shultz: 10.00 - 10.30
  5. avatar jonnymul
  6. avatar SweetDickWilly
    "Drink promotions through the night"
    Hopefully Jameson's!
  7. avatar Deestroyer
    I had a bath in Jameson's last night. Or was that a dream? A lovely, lovely dream...
  8. avatar exmagician
  9. avatar The Big List
    A load of tickets have already been bought for this, don't miss out!
  10. avatar edwin mcfee
    haven't seen Mojo Fury in moons, so looking forward to this!
  11. avatar jonnymul
    hav'nt seen Edwin for an age.. very excited!!
  12. avatar edwin mcfee
    you should be!

    i've a new shirt and new tattoo and everything
  13. avatar Deestroyer
    What about the beard? Is that not now a thing? Every Big Gig now has a beard off on stage at the end of the night. Free beard shampooing for the winner. I vow to win it as my beard is looking a bit rough.

    P.s. I'm really looking forward to this, let's make Cecil proud.
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  14. avatar jonnymul
    is that strictly grammattically correktd
  15. avatar edwin mcfee
    Nah, beard's are so last month.

    it's all about new shirts this month.
  16. avatar DeliriumTremens
    Oh dear lord this is tonight.

    Its going to be epic.
  17. avatar GerdaTaro
    Cashier No.9 are just too cool for school. For a near empty S&A on an average Friday night those boys didn't half look in pain - in the good way. And that's just how we like our 'lectro techno country, with Danny Todd smoochin' around the stage in a kiss me quick last man standing two step before launching into serious swagger and welter. Said it before but it's worth saying again, a sexy hectic electric ride. Didnt want it to end.
  18. avatar Deestroyer
    To be fair the crowd only started to thin out towards the end for reasons that are currently unclear, Mojo Fury had a pretty packed out S&A and Dutch Shultz played to a good crowd too. The sound was great as were the bands. Loved Mojo Fury, and DS riffed their asses off.
    Maybe it was all those after work pints that challenged the endurance.
  19. avatar SweetDickWilly
    That was a very drunken night, way too fooked. Defo not going to the next one. Absolutely no way. :lol: