1. avatar Warren Drugs

    Back this Saturday night, last one was great, hopefully this will be even better.
  2. avatar smittennn
    confess to bit of an electro fix since Ashley Manor
    and MI AMI dancing Friday night.

    Hope to make this.
  3. avatar Warren Drugs
    Hounded by a renal scribe?
    This here thing is th'night then bosses.
  4. avatar Jamesy Yakuza
    Some heads / some hallions
  5. avatar Warren Drugs
    Yeah, that Vince fella sure knows his shit alright.
    Best move quick lest he pour scorn on yet another priapic nebula.
  6. avatar Big Homeless
    do you know you are on Submarine monthly's website? cited as "backsalad harnessed into the tissue of Hume"? and then over the page on the ad for Health and Safety manual for the living you are named "the gox will not let Danny Dugdale live under any mans skin never mind read his fuckin 4 page code of practise on how to use a mop!"

    fine praise indeed!