1. avatar Rocky
    In Case Of Fire's debut album was released yesterday on
    Search & Destroy/Jive Records.

    Over the course of the last few years they've quietly
    and relentlessly worked away and put everything they possess into being the best band they could be, it's incredible to see how hard work can pay off.

    The album is produced by Gil Norton (Pixies/Foo Fighters/Jimmy Eat World)
    It sounds HUGE! The way In Case Of Fire always sounded in their heads.
    It also features Cello by Audrey Riley, who has played on Smashing Pumpkins, Coldplay, The Cure, The Smiths and Muse albums - and not forgetting on "Julie" by the Levellers!

    It's got really solid reviews from Rocksound/Q/Kerrang/Uncut - if that really matters.

    They've also been on tour with bands like
    Queens Of The Stone Age, Fightstar & on The Kerrang! Tour. They played The Royal Albert Hall last month too.

    I think it's sensational that a three guys from Portadown
    have been able to put their heads down, make a recording that gets them a management deal, major recording & publishing deals, let's them make the album of their dreams and then get to tour relentlessly playing to a lot of people every night.
    They've managed to do all this without a lot of support from the local music "scene" as such.

    Just wanted to say congratulations! to the guys
    and maybe let some people who haven't heard of them to do so.

  2. avatar thebatgranny
    I shall be buying this at the earliest available opportunity, been waiting for it for at least a year. In my opinion ICOF totally wipe the floor with the likes of ASIWYFA and FWW and are the best band I've heard in a long time.
  3. avatar ryanego
    These guys are responsible for some of my favourite music ever, it's really good to see them get a chance to make something so good.

    They're probably the most clinically dedicated and self critical musicians I've met, and they're friendly, helpful and humble dudes.


    I better go grab a copy.
  4. avatar Team Horse
    I can't wait to get out of work in an hour or so to hear this (my first opportunity after I bought it yesterday). In fact, only recently it occurred to me that they used to be Element who had some cracking tunes.

    The surprising (and shameful) thing is they are from Portadown, same as me and I don't know one of them!

    But I wish them every success and their rise to the level they have made it to is clearly through hard work, their OWN hard work without riding on anyone's coat tails. :D
  5. avatar martyrocks
    just bought it online there...really looking forward to hearing this! They sh*t over most of the bands from here at the mo...
  6. avatar The Ronster
    I really wish they [i:e9d2e71deb]wouldn't[/i:e9d2e71deb] shit all over the rest of us.

    Have you ever tried getting that stuff out of hair and finger-nails?
  7. avatar martyrocks
    no....have you? :lol:
  8. avatar NumberBlack
    I just bought it as well. Online though...so have to wait till it comes before i can have a listen.
  9. avatar The Ronster
  10. avatar adamb1026
    Awaiting for me at home...cant wait!!

    Do you know why Rocky, Call To Arms wasnt included on the album?

    My fav track :)
  11. avatar Rocky
    It made way for two cracking new tracks.
    "Do What I Say" and "Parallels"

    I love the songs the guys are writing at the moment and I think every track on the album is stunning.

    The older tracks like Violence & Pictures / Cleansing
    have never sounded better.
    Things like Align The Planets and Parallels take it somewhere different.
  12. avatar campfiredisco
    preordered my copy, just arrived this morning! sounding absolutely massive!!! As Rocky said the likes of Violence and Pictures have come on leaps and bounds since that EP they were selling at gigs a few years back! A stellar job!!
  13. avatar Enixs

    They've managed to do all this without a lot of support from the local music "scene" as such.


  14. avatar mrginger
    fair fucks to the guys - having grown up in portadown and known the element heads from their school days its great to see them getting this far.

    Havent got the record yet but my flatmate has it and it sounds absolutely massive.

    Loving it.
  15. avatar Team Horse
    Yep, this album rocks like a bastard and is a great debut. Fingers crossed it does the business for them.
  16. avatar thepostboxtheory
    I ordered it yesterday online.

    Can't wait to give it a good listen, the guys work really hard to get their music out there.
  17. avatar whosbainejakey
  18. avatar tenrabbits
    Picked up the free morning newspaper on the tube this morning (Metro) and lo and behold, full colour large pic of the lads and a glowing review of their album! That's about 1 and a bit million londoners will have seen that then!
  19. avatar adamb1026
    Listening through it now, f**k me it has a big ass sound :)
  20. avatar Crackity_jones

    That's the first bad review I've read mind you.
  21. avatar Aeorta

    That's the first bad review I've read mind you.[/quote:191646b269]
    Lazy elitist rubbish. I left a polite comment about a few of the bits that I feel are inaccurate, but I doubt it'll be approved under their "The best comments will appear here." ethos. :?
  22. avatar NumberBlack
    Got it this morning. Class so far.