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    good work! Shit sounds interesting..
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    Metalcore, if you please, haha.

    This is cool.
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    glad to see your interested Numberblack, thought you were taking the piss for a minute... lol

    Mega chuffed with it all...a lot of hard work has went into sorting it, and if it wasn't for great friends over here in all the different towns and cities we'd have been screwed... we owe ppl a few good favours :lol:
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    double post!
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    Bad news! Unfortunately we have had to cancel our short trip over to England at the start of July due to Vance snapping his ankle. We as a band feel it would be unfair and an unenjoyable experience putting Vance through all the pain of getting from A to B on tour, never mind actually trying to stand on stage.

    Incase your wondering what the big deal is, here is his ankle just before he got it cast...


    Sore huh?

    Hopefully you all understand, that we really only have one shot this year (due to work commitment and eduction etc) to head over to England and we would rather do it when everyone is comfortable travelling and preforming. Another factor is that we need him to be in fighting order to play the EP side of the tour 15th-19th July in Ireland and can't risk further injury prior to this.

    We hope to reschedule a tour of England for later in the year so we will keep you all posted.

    Again, our deepest apologies to Kill 'Em dead Cowboy and the promoters who were helping us out with shows.