1. avatar Team Horse
    Great new band who fuse the sound of At the Drive-in, Jane's Addiction, White Stripes and Led Zep into a mighty sound using only guitar and drums. Their mini album "25 years" is worth a listen.

  2. avatar fopp
    Saw them a couple of weeks back in a support slot, but had forgetten their name. They were quite energetic, but from memory, I think that that's a bit generous with the comparisons. Might listen again to see if I change my mind though.
  3. avatar ryanego
    Really enjoying this on first myspace listen, good shout!
  4. avatar Team Horse
    Aww, don't tell me they played here as support and I missed them! :(

    Maybe the comparisons were a tad high pitched, but it was just these acts sprung to mind to get across the idea of where I think they're coming from.

    Dead Set is an awesome tune.
  5. avatar Thedevilsfavouriteson
    have to say i quite liked this reminded me of local h abit.not bad
  6. avatar Prequel
    I think they were supporting Innerpartysystem over in Britain, don't think they made N.Ireland, New Low is a great song though, haven't heard much more of the album yet.
  7. avatar Team Horse
    It's only a mini-album, at a lower price. I think it's all on the myspace page too.