1. avatar vinnieh
    The band currently consists of a guitarist and drummer and is looking to recruit a bass player and 2nd guitarist/Singer to complete line up
    Aged 18-25.

    Dedication and focus to create and play metal is a must.

    We have lyrics and some music wrote to begin work on original material, we hope with the help of other band members we can work towards getting enough songs wrote to make a demo and start playing some gigs.

    If interested please email ominous1@hotmail.co.uk
  2. avatar SITH_creations
    might wanna try [url]http://www.metalireland.com[/url] lads

    good luck
  3. avatar hybrid_of_steel
    what are your influences etc?

    im a guitarist from belfast by the way. might be interested depending on your influences.
  4. avatar vinnieh
    Our influences are: Motorhead, Misfits, Annihilator, Black Label Society and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Along those lines.
    We're focusing on originals. Those are just the main sort of bands we listen to.

    You up for tryin out?
  5. avatar Dimbo_Sama
    I'd deffanetly be up for trying out if I knew where the hell you were located.