1. avatar anty2
    Anything around 60-100 watts should do, just for practising with in a garage.
  2. avatar thecomeons_2
    when i played bass in the come ons, i just used my guitar amps. seemed to work fine, just a lack of volume. so long as the speaker is rated a good bit higher than the amp, you'll be fine. even a cheap pa system would make a good bass amplifier ;)
  3. avatar Issac_xin
    I got a Roland Cube 30 Bass for sale. Ideal for practice.

    Although it's only 30W, it's enough for practice in a garage especially when you do not play so loud music

  4. avatar anty2
    sorry man need something 60 and higher, cheers anyway
  5. avatar russell
    i sent you a PM, i have a behringer bx1200 that i don't use any more (got a lowdown 300 now), if that's any use to you. russell