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    Before Machines have put "Silence You Win", the lead track to their forthcoming debut EP, on myspace. More details of the launch will be online shortly, along with details of how/where to buy it.

    Take a listen and let us know how much you love us! It's been the culmination of about 5 months hard work with a hundred problems along the way and we're ecstatic it's finally ready for release

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    A link would be a good idea here!

    It's [url]http://www.myspace.com/beforemachines[/url].
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    Balls.. cheers Chris! Fixed my post
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    And now because we're feeling generous you can grab a FREE track from the forthcoming EP at NI Chart


    Scroll down to new tracks and the second tune you see is "Before Machines - We Were Stayed"

    Throw down some feedback people!