1. avatar Rocky

    Back in February we recorded a performance for NVTV

    It was recorded at Start Together Studio.

    Watch the car-crash!Download the podcast FREE from I-tunes here:


    Open with I-Tunes, go to Kick Out The Jams and download Oppenheimer (part 1)
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  2. avatar Persistence
    That downloaded automatically to my iTunes last week - was a nice surprise to pass the time at school.

    I can't get NvTv, so it was really interesting to see it. Music was fantastic too :)
  3. avatar Danny Lynch
    excellent, didnt know these existed, tis pretty cool. rocky,do you remember (maybe your old bassist, unless he was lying) a guy called ryan mc auley?
  4. avatar Rocky
    Of Course!
    Ryan was the bass player in Torgas Valley Reds and Backwater before that.
    Shaun played in both bands and I played keyboards in TVR for a while towards the end.
    I also recorded their album, which was sadly never released.

    Torgas Valley Reds are my all-time favourite Belfast band.
  5. avatar Rocky
    Part two of this is now on I-Tunes for download.
    Same link as above

    Slightly less insanity on my part.
  6. avatar Danny Lynch
    believe it or not, he was my english teacher. top bloke it has to be said.. and always good for a chat about the local scene, as he knew i was involved. only been at the school 2 years and has achieved legendary status.
    top marks to start together as well. Barrett is an excellent guy to work with. from The Varionis
    excellent podcasts :D