1. avatar SafeHands83
    How many people on here have been let down by 'pretenders' living in a musicians dreamworld?

    I say this because on numerous occasions I have arranged to meet with potential band members and they have all let me down.

    Too many bedroom players with fastfude accounts, who get cold feet when given the opportunity to play in a band!
  2. avatar Orzo
    Contact the Daily Mail. I'm sure they'll name and shame Fastfude users for you.

    How do you mean by 'let you down'? Failed to turn up or turned up and sucked or turned up, been good and then disappeared?
  3. avatar Aeorta
  4. avatar thecomeons_2
    was the card-in-the-shop-window way of recruiting any better
  5. avatar roryb
    Amen sista! fucking wannabes
  6. avatar supersonicsolos
    hmmm bein here before .i find alot of the time that you dont gel wit people or your not as good as them it can be awkward