1. avatar albrechtspencil
    After a great night hosted by Vic and the guys from Audio-ill we (Albrecht's Pencil) ended up winning the first heat in the competition last night in Lavery's Bunker.

    It was a pretty eclectic affair and both Thom Southern and Heyday played impressive sets with plenty of energy. In the end the panel of three judges ruled unanimously for us so we'll be going on to play in the final (date TBC).

    If you want to see some more info about audio-ill check out their site...


    Thanks to everyone who came down to support all of the bands and kudos to Thom Southern and Heyday for being great sports and great craic.
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  2. avatar SweetDickWilly
    Well done chaps, keep up the excellent work!
  3. avatar albrechtspencil
  4. avatar REDLIGHT
    Nice one Fionn!!
  5. avatar DeliriumTremens
    Aye well done lads, a well deserved win.
  6. avatar TheVires
    Believe our singer Conall was chatting with you last night. Enjoyed the set - very interesting music and definitely deserved to win. Particularly enjoyed the Cavaquinho use!

    We're up next time on the 24th so come along.
  7. avatar albrechtspencil
    He was aye, sound bloke. Had a listen to your stuff there the next day actually, good to hear you're doing something slightly different with a traditional band set up. Hope the 24th goes well for you.