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    My first post!
    Hi there,

    I'm looking for other musicians, singers, dj's, producers, artists, etc for a band / recording project to take place this summer. Ideally I'm looking for people with a interest / background in dance music / club culture as well as rock / guitar stuff as there's gonna be a definite electronica slant to the project. I'm trying to embrace the whole computer based home recording / production DIY ethic thing and am interested in the possibilities this way of doing things provides. I've spent the last six months building up a small home recording studio which is coming together nicely. The set up at present consists of keyboard midi controller , guitar / bass / loads of software synths / midi drums / few mics.

    there's some music on www.myspace.com/auxabattoirs
    email is auxabattoirs@ymail.com
    mobile is +447712587062
    also add me on myspace if you like the stuff as Ive only started up the page and I need friends!

    Thanks for looking,

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