1. avatar Stu Make Say Think
    To celebrate the launch of our latest single [b:4b737bdb18][color=orange:4b737bdb18]'Golden Recruit'[/color:4b737bdb18][/b:4b737bdb18] (which you can buy [url=http://www.brokensoundmusic.com/shop.htm]here[/url]) we're putting on a right old knees up in the Limelight on May 27th. So far on the bill we've got Two Door Cinema Club, Ed Zealous DJs and musical compering by Captain Queer & Magum Farce (you'll see). We'll also have another act, a new song or two and the [i:4b737bdb18]obligatory[/i:4b737bdb18] special guest, you know the craic. [b:4b737bdb18]PLUS[/b:4b737bdb18] doors aren't until 10pm so if you're that way inclined, you can still watch the football. Yeo.

    [url=www.myspace.com/panamakings]Panama Kings[/url]
    [url=www.myspace.com/twodoorcinemaclub]Two Door Cinema Club[/url]
    [url=www.myspace.com/edzealous]Ed Zealous[/url]

  2. avatar Stu Make Say Think
    A few weeks ago Will McConnell from [b:b2c8683feb]Bandwidth Films[/b:b2c8683feb] turned the drunken chaos of a 3am gig into this awesome video for our single. [color=orange:b2c8683feb][b:b2c8683feb]Golden Recruit[/b:b2c8683feb][/color:b2c8683feb] is now available to buy on iTunes and should be in all decent ind*e record shops by the start of next week on ltd edition white 10" vinyl. This is the first time we've streamed it in full, check it out:

  3. avatar PocketPromise
    love this song..
    and another great video from Monsieur Bandwidth

    applause! applause!
  4. avatar Stu Make Say Think
    Now with added [color=orange:7f8f569808][b:7f8f569808]SIXSTARHOTEL[/b:7f8f569808][/color:7f8f569808], previewing songs from their second album.



    Also, we'll be performing a few stripped down tunes live on George Lambs [b:7f8f569808]BBC 6 Music[/b:7f8f569808] show tomorrow morning at 11:30am, tune in!
  5. avatar ryanego
    [quote:5c9abeba49]Now with added SIXSTARHOTEL, previewing songs from their second album[/quote:5c9abeba49]

    And what songs they are too.
  6. avatar Stu Make Say Think
    Speaking of Ryanego's handywork, we just uploaded a pre-gig treat to our myspace player, the b-side to Golden Recruit - [b:137367bbc6][color=Orange:137367bbc6]'Sky, Forever & Consequence'[/color:137367bbc6][/b:137367bbc6] - is up now:

  7. avatar critic_al
    very nice line-up
  8. avatar ryanego
    I'm looking forward to this.
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  9. avatar Stu Make Say Think
    I've been keeping a tour diary of sorts over on the [color=orange:32dbcac09a]IHeartAU blog[/color:32dbcac09a] - http://iheartau.com/blog/ - with a view to compiling it with some pics for the mag at some stage. Part one up now, with another up shortly, check it out!
  10. avatar eddyecb
    Ed zealous dj's? dj set? or are they playing? or wat
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  11. avatar Nocarsgo
    I just wish this was a week later. :(
  12. avatar Stu Make Say Think
    [quote:7b80dcfcd8="Nocarsgo"]I just wish this was a week later. :([/quote:7b80dcfcd8]

    It nearly was, but we're touring again the following week. If you're doing exams you can always resit ;)

    Ed Zealous will be DJing between bands and at the end of the night.
  13. avatar luke
    this is tomorrow night suckas...
  14. avatar Crackity_jones
    The second instalment of Stu's tour diary is on the AU website [url=http://iheartau.com/blog/exclusive-panama-kings-tour-diary-pt-2/]here[/url] by the way.
  15. avatar Stu Make Say Think
  16. avatar Mickeycolensoparade
    That tour diary is a laugh.
  17. avatar noelyg05
    any stage times guys?
  18. avatar luke
    Roughly -
    Captain Queer & Magnum Farce - 10-10.20
    Sixstarhotel 10.30-11.00
    Two Door Cinema Club 11.15-11.45
    Panama Kings 12.00
    then Ed Zealous DJing until we get thrown out.
  19. avatar marshmalla
  20. avatar Niall Harden
    Bah! I arrived at 11.20 and saw no Two Door Cinema Club! Bah!
  21. avatar ilovelamp
    anybody know who the fella and girl were who were dueting in between the sets? were they captain queer and magnum farce?
  22. avatar critic_al
    brilliant evening, sixstar great as always, two door with some great new songs, panama kings first tune was unreal, great set, cheers
  23. avatar MULLAN Extraordinaire
    Really enjoyable gig. Place was rammed and there was a good buzz.
  24. avatar clss_act_00
    Six star were great but played a very short set. Two door were alright, but a few of their songs were far too similar, new ones didn't seem to have as much to interest me as the older stuff

    Panama kings aren't really my thing normally, but each time i see them i enjoy it more. And they put on a great show last night
  25. avatar Nocarsgo
    Are there any reviews of the night knocking about?
  26. avatar noelyg05
    Nice wee review here http://www.giggingni.com/site/
  27. avatar Nocarsgo
    Ah, but of course, gotta love Gigging NI :-D
  28. avatar Stu Make Say Think
    [quote:d855c82ebe="ilovelamp"]anybody know who the fella and girl were who were dueting in between the sets? were they captain queer and magnum farce?[/quote:d855c82ebe]

    They were, for one night only, but in reality it's actually Steve Toner of the Queer Giraffes and Cara Cowan of an awesome as-yet-unnamed new band. Check out the following:

  29. avatar the*optimist
    ...ehhh my single just arrived in the post. You guys are absolute fuckers. Even the B-side is class.