1. avatar TRHolmes(y)
    Hey, was just wondering if anyone on here would be interested in putting together a spot of In-die/Emo?

    Something along the lines of Christie Front Drive/Mineral/Texas Is the Reason

    Just gauging interest really....PM if interested sure. Hopefully managed the bypass the word filter or that thread title is going to look awful..
  2. avatar POSITIVExYOUTH
    Shit, anything that promises to be influenced by Texas Is The Reason is bound to be good.
  3. avatar spirit of division
    [quote:9735b081b2="POSITIVExYOUTH"]Shit, anything that promises to be influenced by Texas Is The Reason is bound to be good.[/quote:9735b081b2]

    Except for Rival Schools :s (though they were great in the Limelight).

    Holmes you should ask Jonny Morris...he's really dead on and needs a band...if I was good enough / had time I'd do this.
  4. avatar POSITIVExYOUTH
    Likewise, if I was any good I'd jump on this straight away.

    Anywyas, as Pete says, ask Johnny Morris. He is into a lot of that stuff, is a fairly good musician and a sound lad.

    But Rival Schools are not too bad. But perhaps I am biased because of their previous bands.
  5. avatar The_Martyr
    a) step the hell back, Rival Schools are frigging awesome

    b) if i wasn't in paris, i would register my interest officially.
  6. avatar TRHolmes(y)
    Never could get into Rival Schools sadly. Walter Schreifels has been in great bands before so I still love the guy. Man I was with Morris earlier and all. Good call. Thanks for PMs so far.
  7. avatar marr-is-god
    im interested, as long as you dont mind waiting until my GCSE's are over :lol:
  8. avatar heavyhitter
    Hey I'm a drummer been playin for over 10 years and love what your talking about. what do you play, where are you based and what age are you?
  9. avatar TRHolmes(y)
    Bump. Thanks for the replies, really need a singer now. Anyone interested in singing?
  10. avatar SafeHands83
    PM'd you dude
  11. avatar TRHolmes(y)
    ....aaand back around we go. Any singers interested in this?