1. avatar Dr Harley
    A little gimmick to get our forum kick started, seconds of fun:


    I'm Ben Capri on The Riding Thunder Tour...oh yes.
  2. avatar Steven Dedalus
    Right..don't interpret this as outright hostility, as it's not, but.....

    what is 'real' music?

    why is there a review of Kevin Drew's album which came out in 2007?

    what is so horrifying bout the Rolling Stones selling a t-shirt?

  3. avatar merten_4_mcguffin
    [quote:98fb9b6fcf]why is there a review of Kevin Drew's album which came out in 2007? [/quote:98fb9b6fcf]

    at least it's a positive review...
  4. avatar Dr Harley
    Dedalus, no need to apologise.

    * 'real' music = In short, music that doesn't live on radio 1.

    * Rolling Stones T-shirt = I don't think I mentioned horrific, if you mean revolting, that would be men in their 60s in drag. It's all light hearted of course.

    * On the Kevin Drew review, it's a one off, we're only getting started out, a guy reviewed it for us as a test, his first ever music review, I thought I'd stick it up to spur him on a little.
  5. avatar Dr Harley
    I've just realised you work for Radio 1.
  6. avatar confetti
    some good photos of the lark in the park on your site.
  7. avatar Steven Dedalus
    [quote:e780560208="Dr Harley"]I've just realised you work for Radio 1.[/quote:e780560208]

    Ha! I do indeed work for Radio 1!

    I'm glad you didn't think I was having a go, as I'm definately not. I was just a bit curious about things.

    The Kevin Drew review is good, but I was just wondering why it was there. The explaination has satisfied my curiosity.

    The Rolling Stones thing, though...that pic is from the cover of 'Aftermath', which came out in 1967.


    PM me and tell me more about the site, as I'm genuinely interested in what yr up to.
  8. avatar Dr Harley
    No probs Steven, cheers for the interest, I'll PM you soon.
  9. avatar Dr Harley
    Cheers confetti, did you head down to it yourself?

    I'm gonna be humourously honest here, nobody has been purchasing our f**king photos, and I can tell from the hits and from the amount of bloody flyers we handed out that day that the peeps have been checkin' their mugs online.
    My feeling (I could be wrong) is they've been makin' do nabbing their pics watermark and all.
    So would any Lark in the Park, and I'm warnin' yis all, just this once yis wee bastards, please send me an email thru the site requesting the photo you want and I'll send you your pic, high res & absent watermark, right on down to you.