1. avatar the_doctor199
  2. avatar POSITIVExYOUTH
  3. avatar Alex-Circadian

    I'll be 17 by that stage, ye's think I'd get in? :(
  4. avatar mgh411
    Brilliant news.

    Ulster Hall isn't 18+ is it?
  5. avatar Alex-Circadian
    I don't have a clue. Fecking everything nowadays is 18+ so I just presumed this would be aswell! Hopefully it isn't, I have to see Motorhead live.
  6. avatar unplugged
    i would say the nature of the event it will be 18+

    Cant wait!!!!!!!!!!
  7. avatar Spacebat
    I may have just shit myself, just a little, but shit myself with glee all the same.
  8. avatar TheNightMonkey
    Saw Motorhead in the Ulster Hall back in 2004, they were simply awesome then. Anyone else there?

    I wouldn't worry about the 18+ thing Alex, back then I was 15 and got in ok. I don't know if they are any stricter now; but in years past as long as you had a ticket they generally didn't care!
  9. avatar distracted
    I feel sick with joy. And The Damned as well, boke. What a night this is gonna be.
  10. avatar Andrew
  11. avatar NumberBlack
    Awh yeah. This will make my november.
  12. avatar Nocarsgo
    I was pretty sure all Ulster Hall events were 14+?
  13. avatar Bones
    Fucking right, its about time they visited again.
  14. avatar Sadoldgit

    Yer Da had no problem getting in to see them when he was about 14 back in the early 80`s.
    From memory, I think Girlschool were with them then as well.

    Is there one member of girlschool who died a few years back of cancer?
  15. avatar NumberBlack
    [quote:6bf632d54c]Is there one member of girlschool who died a few years back of cancer? [/quote:6bf632d54c]

    Im pretty sure there was.
  16. avatar Comrade Luke
    yep Kelly Johnson, the lead guitarist

    is it for definite that we'll get girlschool and the damned?
  17. avatar the_doctor199
    Girlschool and The Damned won't be doing the Irish dates, Sweet Savage are supporting both dates now.
  18. avatar Andrew
    Read my interview with Lemmy for the Belfast Telegraph here: