1. avatar themetalmartyr
    I had my Fender Fat Strat with floyd rose stolen last week.

    If anyone comes across a midnight wine (sorta metallic - burgundy purple colour) in either a shop or online

    with a black pick up cover in the neck, single coil

    white single coil pick up in the middle

    and a white humbcker in the bridge

    Floyd Rose II locking bridge - chrome

    The guitar had the back plate removed baring the trem springs

    The earth wire was Blue and visible from this cavity

    One of the saddles was broke, the A string saddle

    Please get in touch with me.

    Gerry on: 07731437830



  2. avatar Karl Rove
    i seen this on Metalireland last month fella sorry to hear you've had no luck yet. its probably with some skiprat who dosent know wat the fuck to do with it. bastards should be hung.
  3. avatar themetalmartyr
    Yeah mate your telling me. They probably wouldn't know how to get a good price for it either which leads me to believe they've probably left it in Johnto's rooms and are wrecking the f_uck out of it as we speak.

    They coulda lifted so much more than they did and instead just went for the crown jewels in my living room!!

    If it turned up again in not to bad a condition I'd be happy to see it. If it was wrecked I'd not wanna look at it. This guitar was 7 year old and hadn't a scratch on it despite being gigged and played on alot.

    If anyone gets offered one like this gimma a shout