1. avatar icefreezer
    My first post!
    Does anyone know of a guitar make that has a good sound but is cheap due to not being popular in the public? like how the fender jaguar was very cheap up until a surge in popularity from the grunge scene in the 90s put it up into the 1000s of pounds that real makes are now. I am looking for something around 100 quid as a sort of "secondary" guitar to mess around on. any advice would be greatly appreciated

    thanks, Icefreezer
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  4. avatar Stevie Mac
    every now and again I go on eBay and type 'rare guitar' and see what cheap ones come up. could be a bag of balls but no-one else will have one!
  5. avatar gared
    I have always felt that Yamaha make excellent guitars for the money. They are well worth checking out.
  6. avatar greensleevesisgod
    Take a basic guitar, sand it down, modify the shape if you wish. Give it a new paint job or leave it natural. Buy new hardware for it and hey presto you have a guitar no-one else will ever have; unless gibson make a signature version when you're famous.
  7. avatar DontPetABurningDog
  8. avatar Sir Bob Gelding
    [quote:985ed53a7d="gared"]I have always felt that Yamaha make excellent guitars for the money. They are well worth checking out.[/quote:985ed53a7d]

    seconded. I'm no axe god in any shape or form but the Pacifica was a great git-box.
  9. avatar thesacredhearts
    Aye pacificas are really good. there was a tele model in particular i remember thinking was great.

    The new squire vibe range are getting great reviews. look great too if you're into 50's styling. i think they're about 200 quid.

    The baja teles are great guitars too with a bit of workl. can be got from around 370 quid.

    for acoustic, i was playing a parkwood acoustic recently and it was superb. made by the people who used to make the silver series avalons. start around 400 quid, solid wood, sound amazing. ill be getting one in the next couple of months.
  10. avatar himynameissween
  11. avatar manversusjim
    Oldish Jacksons, Ibanezes (that word looks wrong) and Mavericks are cheap as buggery at the minute. You get a lot of guitar for the money, as long as you don't mind looking like a member of Poison or summat.
  12. avatar thecomeons_2
    bc rich?
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  14. avatar Bobphoenix
  15. avatar kinta1
    i know a guy swears by a harley benton he bought off thomann for about 100 notes.
  16. avatar dommccann
    [quote:c8b355eb5f="kinta1"]i know a guy swears by a harley benton he bought off thomann for about 100 notes.[/quote:c8b355eb5f]

    i've never played their guitars, but i bought one of their valve amps and it's great!
  17. avatar papu
    Epiphone goes for 200-300 -quite decent but I would go for Freshman for around 120 pounds and a decent pick-up and you have a nice guitar
  18. avatar Sadoldgit
    BC Rich are nice guitars, if a bit one trick pony.

    On that note, my son has one of these for sale in perfect nick - too "metal" for him now.
    He`s getting more traditional in his tastes and wants a nice stratocaster.

  19. avatar exitonline
    [quote:c047355921="DontPetABurningDog"]Perhaps some of the less common eighties Gibsons, like the L6-S, WRC, M-III, U2 or Marauder, although rarity and the name tag still pushes values pretty high.[/quote:c047355921]

    Ah the Gibson Marauder. I actually own one of these, all original hardware etc still intact. I was actually taught how to play on that guitar. Its one of the early ones from the early 70's. I was once offered a big price for it from a Gibson collector but I didn't sell it, due to its sentimental value. So their rarity does indeed push the price tag up.

    But to the original poster...I would just buy a squire and gradually upgrade it if its just to mess around on. Squires are actually quite good guitars from stock these days.
  20. avatar thecomeons_2
    anything "old" will fetch big money. i can't see there being any more hidden gems to be had. i remember getting a 1970s sg special in session (it was on the dublin road at the time) for less than three hundred notes. there weren't many sg players about in those days, but...

    once i got the guitar all these alternative rockers started using sg guitars - stereophonics, lemonheads, therapy. i had a goatee bear at the time too and it became popular too. not that i'm a trend-setter or anything, just seemed odd that the alternative rock image of the time seemed to appear all over the place at the same time!

    the sg sounded great in the shop, but not so great when i got it home, by the way. i replaced the mini-humbucker with a seymourised model, but that wasn't enough to make it my main axe. i recently sold off the mini-hums and stuck a p90 in the bridge position and the guitar is now a monster (why on earth did i not do it sooner?).